Our business profile

Domestic production
highly competitive against imports

The birthplace of our flax products is our own agricultural complex and flax factory in Tver region. Flax processing is a complicated process with deadlines to meet and operating procedures to follow at each stage.

Production technology

The manufacture of flax products is extremely energy intensive. Flax needs to be properly grown and harvested, seasoned in the field, then taken away to production in good time. To make 100 kg of dressed flax one has to take 200 kg of scutched flax or to scutch at least 1,500 kg of retted straw! However, with our team of professional specialists highly skilled in their jobs, we guarantee the top quality of Uniflax products.

flax products

We market plumbers flax products, pastes and sealants, flax for building applications, as well as flax seeds and oil made of them. For your convenience, we sell flax in zip lock bags (10, 20, 50, 100 or 200 grams) with a barcode attached to them, but also offer an opportunity to purchase flax loose (no packaging).

The Uniflax natural flax products meet the GOST standard, the brand products are certified, so that you can be absolutely sure of their top quality.