Доставка товара

Order delivery

We deliver your order by the preferable freight carriers listed below on the following days:

Delovie Linii Ltd.

The Order is delivered to the chosen freight carrier on the first transport day after the payment is credited to our account.

We deliver orders to other freight carriers where possible and as agreed with the manager. Therefore, to have your Order delivered to you quickly, please choose the one of the freight carriers listed above.

Delivery to the freight carrier is free of charge. The cost of delivery by the freight carrier to your location is calculated according to the carrier’s rates depending on the cargo weight and volume, as well as the carriage distance. The customer pays for the freight carrier’s services when taking delivery.

When placing an order as a private person, you will be requested to provide your passport data (the number and series).

Способы оплаты

Payment methods

Payment can be effected by non-cash money transfer from the Customer’s account to the Manufacturer’s account subject to an invoice.